Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun and Funky Friday Find: Recycled Art

So in celebration of the fact that it is Friday, I decided to research some fun and funky Friday finds. I think that I am going to start this as a regular weekly trend. So now every Friday, check back for a Fun and Funky Friday Find!

Today's fun and funky find is recycled art. Below are some marvelous images of various recycled art!


This awesome work of art, image courtesy of haute nature,
is one of those... man! why didn't I think of that pieces! That is kind of the feeling I get when looking at all of these images!

Photo courtesy of recycled monkey.


The website is a whole page about the art made by artist Jason Fritzsche. It is all great and beautiful reworks of items that were given a second chance! Here are some more images of his work.

Now, how on earth does he do that? Love it!

There is also an awesome sight,, that offers some amazing images and ideas as well!

Images like this precious, recycled, flower broach. Eco-friendly and fun!

Also, from, a backpack made totally out of Maruchan packages! I hope these pictures inspire you to go dumpster diving and make some awesome art!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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