Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red, White, and Blue Sale!

Good Morning Blog Followers!

It is almost time for 4th of July (can you believe it?) and in celebration of this patriotic holiday we are having a 'Red, White, and Blue' sale!

The sale begins Saturday June 26 and runs until Friday July 2nd. Select merchandise will have colored stickers on the price tags and will denote that the item is on sale.

Red stickers will be on items that are 15% off the original sale price, white stickers will be on items that are 25% off the original sale price, and blue stickers will be on items that are 40% off the original sale price.

Be sure to stop in the boutique and take advantage of this sale, because you will not want to pass up some of these prices!

Here are some images of just a few of the FABULOUS items that will be on sale!

This precious green love bird is part of the Stray Dog Designs collection (a personal favorite of mine). He is originally priced at $42 . But for the week of the Red, White, and Blue sale he will be 15% off!

This chic Jacobean style chair is a must have. It is featured in our store window and it brings in the crowds everyday! It is priced at $3920 and will be 40% off.

This fun pink sunburst pillow is sure to be a cute accent on any chair, couch, or bed! It is priced at $90 and will be 40% off.

From the same design company as the cute little green love bird, this Stray Dog Design Artichoke Lamp is definitely a fun accent lamp. It is priced at $500 and will be 40% off.

This wooden stool is perfect for placement just about anywhere. Whether you put magazines, books, or a candle on it, it is sure to be of great use to your decor. It is priced at $275 and will be 40% off.

Now y;all already know me feelings about candles and diffusers, but these Voluspa candles are to die for. All of the scents are available and on sale for 25% off their sale prices. The tall, cylindrical candles are $25 and the shorter, boxed candles are $27.

These blue open and closed vases will give your flowers (or whatever else) a funky feel! They are priced at $108 each and will be 40% off.

Remember that we are located at 1840 Westheimer Road in Houston, Texas and we are open 9am-6pm Monday through Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturday. All images are courtesy of Laura U. Be sure to become a fan of us on Facebook as well as continue to follow my blog for updates and fun design posts!

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