Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun Find!

So as a novice to the 'blogging' world, I have recently been doing A LOT of research by reading other interior design, boutique, and fashion blogs. And let me just say, I have learned so much and found some awesome things. Through my blog surfing, I came across the FunFurde blog which had a post featuring a product that I am a little obsessed with and I feel as though I must share!

Motifo is a company based out of NSW, Australia and they produce packages of 'magnetic artwork' made to spice up the look of your refrigerator. Basically, you order a package of magnets that are different shades in one color scheme. With that one package, you can create any image that you would like to cover your entire fridge! Because one package can allow for you to change your image, you will never get bored!

Below are just some of the endless examples of images that you can make with your magnet package!

Audrey Hepburn

Mona Lisa and Che Guevara

The Scream

Marilyn Monroe


Barack Obama

Brad Pitt

all images from motifo

How fun is that? When I first discovered this, I immediately searched how do I get this for my own fridge? Well, due to the high demand of the product, the online sales are currently out of stock- but they hope to be replenished by July of 2010. So be sure to either get yourself over to Australia to pick up a package of your very own, or get on that waiting list! Each individual package of 1,296 magnets is $139 (not including shipping).

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