Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aroma Therapy

One of my favorite things in the world is candles. I love being able to come home, light a candle, and breath in the relaxing aroma. I definitely lucked out working in a boutique full of them! Aroma therapy through candles or diffusers has been proven to help release tension and stress and to help you feel more relaxed. Isn’t that what you want after a hard days work? Pick up one of our candles or diffusers here in store and kick up your feet for some much needed R&R. You deserve it!

Below are some different aroma therapy items we offer…

This Michael Aram candle is sure to melt away the stress of any day. This particular scent is Ginkgo. These candles are also available in Pomegranate, Pine Cone, Impala, and Black Orchid. Each at $60.

These Voluspa diffusers come in three different scents; Burmese Rosewood, Santiago Huckleberry, and Baltic Amber. The Baltic Amber is pictured. Each at $48.

Although we love the diffusers, we carry Voluspa's candles in store, too! These candles are a big hit amoung the designers here at Laura U, as well as designers across the country! Check out this blog entry from apartmenttherapy.com featuring Voluspa products!

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