Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Fever

Hello blog followers!

The past 2 days I was out of the office at my best friend's wedding! The wedding was held at 7F Lodge in College Station, Tx and it was beautiful. Below is a picture of the bride with her bridesmaids.

According to wedding statistics, June is the most popular month of the year to get married. Nearly 11% of all weddings in the entire world take place in those short 30 days. I was lucky enough to be the maid of honor in a June wedding this past week.

Her colors were Black, White, and Yellow. The contrast of her white dress and the white chapel with the black dresses and suits of her wedding party, was flawless. Also, the incorporation of the yellow pinwheels and flowers with the outdoor wedding, really made for a beautiful evening.

Lastly, here is a picture of the happy couple during the ceremony in front of the quaint, outdoor chapel.

Congratulations Matt and Clarissa Riedel!

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