Friday, August 6, 2010


So my love for BravoTv is absolutely no secret. The whole channel is so fabulous that I couldn't pick just one TV show to showcase. From all of the Real Housewives to the newly returned Rachel Zoe project, the shows keep getting better and better. And I become more and more addicted. The style of BravoTV is pretty classy, in comparison to other current television channels, and I thought that it deserved its own blog post! Below are some of my FAVORITE shows on Bravo!

Bethenny Getting Married?
 Bethenny's life is so amazing and I am glad that Bravo decided to give her her own TV series. It has been really great to get to watch her and all of her experiences in this chapter of her life.

Bethenny's style has turned party girl/NYC socialite to glamorous/classy wife and mother.

What a beautiful family!

But she is still a busy business woman, too!

What will Bethenny do next?

Rachel Zoe Project
Even though she is a little cooky- I still love the Rachel Zoe Project. I like to see all of her celebrity clients, the amazing clothes and I just love her Brad :). The Zhush blog did a whole tribute to Rachel's return, go check it out!

Here she is in her personal closet. Amazing!

Just Precious!

Here are Rachel and some of her celebrity clients...

Real Housewives of New Jersey
I can think of one word to sum up the RHONJ... Drama. Nevertheless, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. The women are full of drama, but they have some pretty fabulous homes and clothing. I just cant help but be addicted!

I have many other favorites, too! What are your favorite shows on BravoTV?

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